Elijah nylon not alone

Never forgotten

Just need to put on record that I did not forget Elijah's birthday yesterday. I posted birthday wishes on Twitter and then came here as, although I know he won't see it, I always like to acknowledge his birthday here - my first online home! However, my iPad had other ideas and at that moment and for the rest of the day decided it wanted nothing to do with the Internet! This morning all seems ok so I hope you had a wonderful birthday Elijah. And I can't believe you are 38!!
Elijah nylon not alone


I do hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break. I Would like to thank jan_u_wine and mother2012 for their kind virtual gifts. Also many thanks for the Christmas cards from yeuxdebleu ladysnaps julchen and bellewood And of course thank you for all the online birthday greetings.

Well, I have actually had the year from hell. But I came out of hospital a couple of weeks ago following yet another operation and I am really hoping I have turned a corner and am on the road back to normality.

Also I haven't been able to post here as much as I would like due to computer troubles. My laptop has a cracked screen and my mini iPad has never worked well with LJ. I need to start looking for a new laptop and perhaps I'll then be able to post more often. Warning - I have countless pics of my gorgeous grandson (who is now six) which I really want to share!!

Thank you again for all the lovely Christmas and birthday greetings. XX
Elijah nylon not alone


Dear julchen11 I think I am just in time to wish you a Happy Birthday!! At least here I am in time but I'm never sure if you are one hour ahead or behind us!! Anyway I really hope you have had the wonderful day you deserve my friend. Much love xx
Elijah nylon not alone


Many thanks for all the kind messages following my last post back in March. The operation went well and I was on iv antibiotics in the hospital for two weeks. This was followed by six weeks of three different, high dose oral antibiotics at home and as you can probably imagine this leaves you feeling pretty rough. I am now finished with those and feeling a lot better. I am also walking and moving a lot better than I was when I first came home though I'm only allowed to put 50% weight on my left leg because of the temporary implant (which is also packed with antibiotics!). It is very weird having this thing in my leg as I can feel and hear all this crunching and grinding as I walk! I have also been having weekly blood tests and on Saturday I went to have an injection to withdraw fluid from my hip so they can find out if the infection is gone so I am on tenterhooks waiting for that. It is all so frustrating as I am not capable of doing much around the house so I'm having to watch Roger struggle with it all. I have to say he's been amazing and I don't know what I'd have done without him.

I'm so sorry for all the birthdays I've missed - I do hope they were all really happy. Hopefully I will be able to keep up a bit better now that I'm feeling more like myself. But of course, all being well I will be having the second operation to fit my proper replacement hip in a few weeks time.

Love to all xx
Elijah nylon not alone

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A very quick message to apologise for my continued absence. Tomorrow I go in for yet another hip operation. Ever since contracting an infection some months ago I have been very unwell and it was found it had spread to the hip replacement I had in 2014. They are now going to remove it, put in temporary 'spacers' and treat me with strong antibiotics. Later I will have another new hip. This has all been a great shock and I'm not sure how long it will all take. I won't have Internet access in hospital but will let you know outcome when I get home.

Love to all. xx
Elijah nylon not alone


Want to wish my special guy a very happy 37th birthday. As always I hope he has a wonderful, fun-filled day with those he loves most. 🎂 🍰

I wish I could post some pics but Photobucket hates my iPad and my desktop is on its last legs. Still, I think we all know how gorgeous he is by now!! 😀