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Current Music:Heard It Thru the Grapevine ~ Marvin Gaye
Time:09:25 pm
Current Mood:busy
Fear me. I have PowerDVD. I can now do screencaps.

To be honest, it was already on my pc when I bought it over 2 years ago. The first dvd I tried was - here's a surprise - FOTR. The blue warning message came up, followed by the logo - then nothing. Couldn't find out what the problem was so abandoned it. Until a few weeks ago I decided to try again but this time I tried one of the discs from the Appendices and it worked! But this is the weird thing - it will play all the discs from the appendices, it will also play a couple of non-LOTR films I've tried, but it will NOT play any of the actual LOTR films. Does anyone understand this?

Anyway, I've been capping like a mad thing. These are mainly from the FOTR discs, mostly Fro, some Lij. Oh, and there's one of Sean and, er ... one of a cake. Some are a bit on the fuzzy side - please bear with me, I'm a capping novice. Also, Photobucket say that any images over 250k will be resized which could result in bad distortion. Well, these were massive but they don't look distorted to me - do they? Although they may be a bit on the blurry side compared to the originals. And ... there are rather a lot:) Right, enough with the technical stuff ...

Something really seems to be amusing Elijah here!

Elijah's 19th birthday cake!! Doesn't it look scrumptious?

Leave him alone you bullies!!

I love the way Sean is looking at Lij here!!

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Time:2004-11-17 02:33 pm (UTC)
Gosh, he looks so young in these. I loved the one with the four hobbits standing.

I forget how much make-up and costumes they had to go through all the time. Every single day they had to have all the wigs, feet, costumes and makeup applied and taken off, for all that length of time. I can imagine they were glad when that was over.

As for the capping, I don't think the software necessarily makes it blurry or not. It's just the point in time you capture the frame. If the frame is blurry, so will the cap be. These are good I think. I had the same problem when I wanted to cap and upload some items. The capture software makes then so large. I could have gone into a separate program and resized them, but I just didn't want to bother at the time. That is one solution. Otherwise, you have to wait for them to upload. For me that is a long wait.

Thanks for these. It was fun reminiscing.
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Time:2004-11-18 04:13 am (UTC)
I loved the one with the four hobbits standing.

So do I - trouble is it came out rather dark so I had to lighten it which seemed to result in a rather grainy effect. That pic, and the others taken by the horse & cart, as well as being for the dvd were part of the 'Vanity Fair' photoshoot - and were the first pics of the hobbits ever seen by the public.

I think the long time they spent in make-up also had a very positive side. Its probably the time they got to know each other really well and, of course, it gave Lij a chance to indulge his passion for his beloved music before the long days work.

I didn't realise the pics would come out so large - I'm really confused by this. I mean if Photobucket reduced them to 250k, and they were all bigger than than to strat with, then you'd think they'd all be the same size!! I think I have a lot to learn about this sizing thing!!

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[icon] MANY CAPPINGS! - NotAlone — LiveJournal
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