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EE Bigger Version

For anyone who doesn't already know, weetanya has provided a link
to a bigger version of the ROTK EE trailer:

Frodo has already broken my heart a thousand times and in a few days he'll be back to do it all over again. And should any shreds of said heart still be remaining after the film, then EJW will make darned sure there won't be after the appendices.

Thanks to undone27 for this screencap. She has more up here:

In other news, Sean Astin, who is in the UK promoting his book, appeared on 'Richard & Judy' yesterday. Richard said how touched he was by the "charming" way he and Elijah had portrayed the love between Frodo and Sam. He asked how they got on in real life and Sean said he loves him like a brother. They showed the clip of Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom.

Thats all folks - I'm off to watch that trailer again.
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