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The purpose of this post is to draw your attention to my dear friend Blossom's wonderful Frodo website, although I'm sure many of you will already know about this, thanks to the brilliant presentation by mechtild which can be found here:

The name of the site is 'In Dreams' and should you wish to go straight there to explore for yourself the link is:

However, just recently a few people, including me, have experienced problems when trying to access the site, due most probably to the sudden rush of traffic following Mechtild's recommendation. Should this happen to you, I can't urge you strongly enough to read Mechtild's post which contains a highly detailed description of each section of the site, along with some beautiful samples of screencaps and pics. I've no doubt you will then promise yourself a visit to the site later when things have quietened down:)

Some time ago Blossom (who, like Mechtild, I originally met through The Faculty Lounge) was generous enough to send me cd's containing lots of her wonderful music videos. Each one is an experience in itself. I absolutely treasure these - they are always close at hand by my pc so that, whenever the urge takes me, I can just lose myself in that exquisite combination of beautiful Frodo and beautiful music. But, while the great majority of them are Frodo-centric, there are also a couple which feature Elijah as himself or in other roles. A particular favourite of mine is 'My Heart Will Go On' - a breathtaking mix of Elijah, Frolijah, Casey, Mikey & Barney. These can now all be yours too, to view or download as you wish, at 'In Dreams'. To quote Mechtild - "It is a jewel of a website". Enjoy:)
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