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A light in dark places

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Why Not Alone?

The day I started this LJ 'The Two Towers' was still showing in cinemas and I’d been to see it for what must have been about the sixth time. When I was considering what LJ name to use, this scene popped into my mind:

But I did not choose the name for only this reason. More than a year previously, in Jan 2002, I’d seen 'Fellowship of the Ring' for the first time. I thought it was the most wonderful film I’d ever seen and I had been totally mesmerised by Elijah’s performance as Frodo. I was surprised that I’d never heard of this wonderful young actor before - after all, he was obviously English!! Wrong!! I was amazed to discover that he is American - his English accent was perfect!! I was intrigued by him, couldn’t imagine what he’d be like in Real Life so I began a frantic search for info. It didn’t take me long to discover that Elijah himself is just as fascinating, as beautiful and as lovable as Frodo. However, I also felt rather - what shall I say - alarmed? surprised? ashamed? guilty? - that I had become a fan at such a late stage in life - especially a fan of someone so very young. I was so relieved when I discovered that I was not the only ’oldie’ who had been deeply affected by Elijah - that I was, in fact, not alone. We 'mature' fans may be in the minority, but we have lived long enough to know true quality when we see it:

Reliving the journey ...

a journey with frodo

My pet project - still a work in progress, - it is the story of Elijah's experience in becoming Frodo, from 1998 when the movies were just a whisper up to the triumphant Oscars of 2004 (and perhaps, possibly, even beyond;) I am fascinated by Elijah’s journey in becoming Frodo and wanted to find a way to extract all the Elijah/Frodo bits from my mountain of LOTR mags, dvds, video clips, etc and get them into one place in chronological order . It is also my way of reliving this magical journey - both Elijah’s and my own.

I think of Frodo as the jewel in Elijah's crown - the role that most actors would have killed for and which he fulfilled to absolute perfection.

But of course, after falling under Elijah’s spell in LOTR, I just had to track down all his previous films and have since eagerly awaited every new film he has made. One that will always hold a very special place in my heart is 'The Oxford Murders' - my husband and I spent two magical days at Harrow school working as extras on this film, as did several of my LJ friends. To be able to observe Elijah in his normal working environment was an unforgettable experience.

I have also been lucky enough to meet Elijah at several conventions, both here and in the US:

4th, 5th & 6th October 2003 - the first time, at Collectormania4 in Milton Keynes

15 January 2005 - ORC, Pasadena, California

28th August 2005 - ELF, Orlando, Florida

1st & 2nd July 2006 - London Film & ComiCon:
Studying my gift:

My passion has not only taken me and my hubbie to the USA three times when we’d never ventured further than Europe before, but also in March 2005 we spent a wonderful holiday in New Zealand, visiting many of the movie locations.

I continue to be enchanted by Elijah - I know I always will be. Remembering my advanced age and marital status, I make an effort to keep squeeing, drooling and general swoonery to a minimum, but please take pity on me if I sometimes fail - I mean, how could anyone not love him?

SQUEEEEEEE!! Oops - sorry:D

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